1 motorcycle, 1 driver.

Yukatan, Mexico (10/31/2010)
154 days, 24,559 km (15,260 mi), 5 country borders, 10 US states, 13 Mexican states.

Tamulipas, Mexico (10/26/2010)
6 Mayan Ruins (Palenque, Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Cobá, Tulum, and Tikal).

Tikal, Guatemala (11/15/2010)
5036 pictures taken, maybe half kept. 25 videos shot with 17 produced & published. 5 breweries with many beers, tacos, fish, tortas, and burritos consumed; 1 food-borne illness; 7 beetles in my pepper shaker.

Tikal, Guatemala (11/15/2010)
7 days of rain, 147 days of sun, 1 tropical storm (Tomas), 38 degrees Celcius (100 F) high, -8 degrees Celcius (18 F) low.

New Mexico (12/2/2010)
3 0-mph drops. Once by me, once by the wind, and once by the Mexican military.

Boca Chica, Texas (10/25/2010)
3 times stripped for repair, 1 time it needed a repair. 2 expected oil changes, 1 unexpected oil leak, 1 muffler that needed to be repaired, twice (Thanks to the cheap work done at KTM Guatemala), 2 rear brake bleedings, 1 flat tire (from a cracking rear rim).

Belmopan, Belize (11/4/2010)

16,032 km (9,962 mi) on the rear tire, 22,530 km (14,000 mi) on the front.

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